Group Supported Employment and Individual Supported Employment for Individuals who have Medicaid Waiver (DBHDS)

Waiver options:

BI- Building Independence Waiver

FIS- Family and Individual Support Waiver

CL- Community Living Waiver

Building Independence Waiver: For adults (18+) able to live independently in the community, individuals own, lease, or control their own living arrangements and supports are complemented by non-waiver-funded rent subsidies. Supports are episodic /periodic in nature

Family and Individual Supports Waiver: for individuals living with families, friends, or in the own homes including supports for those with some medical or behavioral needs available to both children and adults,

Community Living Waiver: 24/7 services and supports for individuals with complex medical and/or behavioral support needs through licensed services including residential supports and a full array of medical, behavioral, and non-medical supports. Available to adults and some children.

Waivers are Medicaid programs for individuals who have a developmental disability.

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